My buisness was born when my husband Graham was ill with MND.
After he died in April 2011 I needed something to stop me going mad so I decided to make baby quilts and Edens little stitches was born .
Named after my youngest daughter Eden with little money or energy I sold a few quilts , when we moved from Leeds to Darlington my home town to help look after my mum at the time who was terminally ill. She passed and we stayed at home with dad to help ourselves get through everything. I had a £40 sewing machine and dad one day came and said let me get you a new one he got me an all singing all dancing Janome machine . I started to make dresses and sorceing quirky material . My passion is material it makes me smile , it feels nice ,and I have too much Never you shout well no you cannot have too many books or too much fabric and I'm sticking to it 
I did he local fayers for a few years but became ill myself so. Ow I work a few big fayers through the year and then I work on new ranges the rest of the time and also fore filling my orders . 
I love what I'm doing and I want everyone to love  fabric as much as I do . Quirky affordable, and unique like our very own children . 
Enjoy what you see 

You can also find me on Facebook at edens little stitches pop by . I take cards payments aswell .

I am also a member of the small buisness federation 
love Tracey ❤️